Tuesday, December 9, 2008

In the beginning...

I am a 24 year old woman working a full time job with goals beyond infinity. I have been reading personal finance blogs for about a year and am overdue to begin one of my own. Please bare with me I am new to the blogging world and if anyone has any comments or changes I could make I welcome constructive criticism on my personal finance life as well as the blog itself.

So here is the Ugly Truth:
Car- $16,800 ish (depending how the interest hits me)
Student Loans- $7,500

Credit Cards (Here is the killer- I can't believe I'm publicizing this )
Best Buy(Store Card) 2,225.00
Same As Cash Plan 800.00 due by June 9th, 2009 (This is my focus)
Overstock (Chase) 1,058.00
Amazon(Chase) 679.00
HSBC 918.00
Younkers 358.00
Best Buy(Mastercard) 241.00
Capital1 474.00
Total 5,953.00

I make about 1,700$ a month. I've been trying to snowflake every last cent to my same as cash plan because if it is not paid in full by June I owe a ton of accumulating interest. So that is the plan for now! I am making a payment when I get my check on Thursday for 200.00 with a minimum payment of 46.00 to the card so there around 150.00 going to the same as cash plan! Other than that all my other cards are getting there minimum payments. I am on time with all of my payments...I'm just trying to get rid of this debt and stay on time.

Monthly Expenses include the Following:

Rent 463$ (Includes Cable)
Car 380$ (YES this is a huge burden but a necessary evil)
Food 80$ (I go home frequently to my parents and they give me groceries)
Gas 100$ (Lately with the low prices before it was around 150$)
Student Loan 100$
Car Insurance 86$
Electric 20$ (split with roommate)
Internet 18$ (split with roommate)
Verizon 60$ (family plan trying to get on my own plan soon)
Charity 30$ (ON my way up from 10$ a month :)

CCards 300$ month
Total 1,637$ month

My Plan is:
Same as Cash Plan
Pay off- Younkers and Best Buy Mastercard with Tax Refund
Take out the HSBC card it has the highest Interest
Then the Chase's
Then Cap1
Then Finish My Car:)

Future Goals:
Emergency Fund of 5,000
Laser Eye Surgery
Down Payment for a House
To Infinity and Beyond (LOVE BUZZ)

UPDATE- Aug 20th,2009


Anonymous said...

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Esperanza said...

Thanks for stopping BY :)
I'm happy someone is reading!

Lizy said...

Good luck!! I'll be reading along too!