Friday, January 29, 2010

No Pop

So before the new year came I quit drinking pop not really thinking about it actually it was the tuesday before new years so like 2 days :D HEHE anywho its a month later and still no pop :) so anyways I'm going to guess that I spent about 20$ a month and now am throwing that 20$ at my debt each month. I'm also adding a sidebar under my monthly workouts.

Also I used my Car Registration Fund yesterday by paying online to get my tags sent out. I was anticipating it to be around 88$ and it was actually only 72$ So my montly contribution to that is going to be less and It already has 16$ that was left over. Super Excited!

Taxes are done and refund is in the works :)

Thursday, January 28, 2010

little payment :)

26$- CapitalOne= 1284$
Tomorrow another

Hopefully I can destroy this w/ my tax refund :D

Friday, January 8, 2010


So i'VE paid of my first part of the Cap1 but since i had transferred that Best Buy card to my Cap1 card it kind of doesn't feel like i paid off the card but i did so whatever if its confusing hehe
Also fully funded my Emergency fund with some christmas money i have finally allocated correctly. Phew Feels very nice to finally have a fully funded account after so long. Also I will have enough to pay for my License and Registration when it comes due in February and that will feel amazing i know :)

$2,765= 1,310 (Best Buy/Cap1) + 1,455 (Hsbc)

and a fully funded EF AHHHHHHHH!!!! = CLOUD 9 or 9 and 3/4 ;) and harry potter fans out there? ha!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


even though i transferred the best buy card to the lower apr cap1 card i still got slapped with 23.37$ of finance charges boo!!! :( and my paycheck tomorrow is going to be significantly smaller because of the insurance stuff....ohh the fun of adulthood. I've been in such a funk lately...i shouldn't say lately more like the last 3 days actually. My love life is confusing i'm not sure I know what I want and I'm getting that "i never imagined i'd still be here by 25" feeling....
anywho the cards will be standing still for the remainder of the month until i figure out what my paycheck will be.

Stay Tuned I'll get there :)