Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting the ball rolling

So yesterday I failed to mention I'm "rollin" on a little less than 20$ and a trip to Subway (which I'm trying to cut down on eating out) will set me just below 15$ till tomorrow when I get paid at 8am. Although as of last week decided to transfer the 50$ that was in my ING savings account (that cannot seem to break 100$ before I need to transfer it back) to my savings account that is connected to my checking account. My new plan that I stole from another PF blogger that I can't quite remember is to keep a padding in my account whenever it gets past 100$ that amount goes to the ING account(along with 5$ that gets transfered there every paycheck) then I will always have 100$ close to my checking incase I ever need to transfer it quickly. With ING it takes about 2 business days to transfer with my National City account about 2 seconds.

So tomorrow my check is with my commission check which this month happens to be 450$ its normally about 300$ YAY! So the total I'm hoping is about 1,040$

Payments being made from this check:
Best Buy $200
Cap1 $20
Amazon $17
Overstock $27
BB Mstrcrd $15
Younkers $11

These are all minimum payments and the rest is going to BEST BUY!

Car Insurance $83
Student Loan $100
Att Bill (internet) $18

One Goal I'd like to get rolling on is paying my rent a paycheck early...the thought of that sounds great!

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