Friday, April 16, 2010

No MORE....

The credit card fee's have finally left my budget! It has taken me a year and 3 months to achieve.  But I figure If i would still be paying the minimums on all of my cards I would still have a good 12 years to go even if I never charged another dime...thats makes me feel better :)

I'm done living on Credit and I'm onto bigger things such as my car loan...haha

Still I'm absolutely ELATED that I can live on my income and no longer rely on these.  Even though i don't have many readers I honestly feel that the ones I do have, are part of the reason these are out of my life. Thanks everyone.

I think I'm going to take next month to catch my emergency fund back up to 1000$ and then in June Start killing my car loan.  I'm not sure whats in store for me as of yet for moving so I'm going to try and save as much as I can to have a small cushion for possible moving expenses.  My dad has a trailer so I won't have to spend anything for that besides gas.  Then I might stay at home until my lease is up so I won't have to drive as far.  This is all tentative to receiving my offer from my new employer.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Difficulty= Opportunities

In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.

another 10$ go to hsbc

and now 235$ is the balance :) So next month I will start throwing money at my car loan which honestly is going to be much more tough than credit cards....

but then I was thinking as soon as I pay that off I can't charge more onto it. So maybe it will go quicker than I expect it too.

I owe 13,283.00
Min Payment= 285$

My take home pay has went down because I'm now on my employers insurance and our commission has been less mostly due to the economy. I have that job offer which I'm undecided on because I'm going to have to move and only have a small $1,000 in the bank. So I'm trying to decide if I should just save as much as I can in case I move.

I'm also considering just getting a part time job that will pay my bills so I can finish school already. I wouldn't have insurance which would be a huge problem and I wouldn't be able to pay off debt but at least I would finish my degree quicker. But seriously I don't even know what I want to do. I don't really enjoy the 9-5 workday ....but I sure do love my nights and weekends off and maybe if I wasn't in school the other hours that I'm not working everyday it wouldn't be so terrible.

Either way I've got some amazing opportunities coming up and I can't wait to see where they lead me :)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

few more updates

3/30- 60$ from my savings
4/2- 18$ snowflaked
4/7- 10$ extra
4/7- 125$ ing savings

Leaves me with 245$ I can probably take care of this with my paycheck i'll be getting on 4/15

Thursday, April 1, 2010

March NetworthIQ

i know its on my side bars but i'm proud what can i say. -1773$ eeeeek!!!