Friday, February 5, 2010

Updating again....mostly for ME!

So here is the Updated from 12/9/08 Ugly Truth:
Car- $16,800 ish 14,000 Now 13,200
Student Loans- $7,500 $7180 Same they are being deferred(I'm in school again) so I'm just paying interest.

Credit Cards
Younkers 358.00-DONE
Same As Cash Plan 800.00 due by June 9th, 2009 (This is my focus)-DONE
Overstock (Chase) 1,058.00- DONE
Amazon(Chase) 679.00-DONE
Best Buy(Mastercard) 241.00-DONE
Capital1 NOW 448$
Best Buy(Store Card) 2,225.00- NOW 1412$

HSBC NOW 1,440

Total 5,953.00- Now 2,978$- Today 1440$

UPDATED Monthly Expenses include the Following:

Rent 458$ (Includes Cable)
Car 285$ (refinanced for lower apr lower payment still making 380$ when i can)
Food 130$
Gas 130$
Student Loan 50$
Car Insurance 83$
Electric 20$ (split with roommate)
Internet 10$ (split with roommate)
Verizon 60$ (my own Plan)
Charity 60$ (ON my way up from 10$ a month :)
Gym Membership 50$

CCards 400$ month
Total 1739$ month

My NEW Plan is:
Best Buy Card
Then Cap1
Take out the HSBC card
By JUNE 2010

Then Finish My Car:)

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