Monday, August 16, 2010

I'm more ways than one!

Hello everyone...

Well I began my adventure to a new job, debt free, a new city and single...(ok well I am still single fortunately!)
As far as the others go, not so much.  I'm back at my old job, the "new" one didn't work.  Then didn't expose the whole truth in the interview or the job description and it ended up being terrible fit for me.  So about three weeks in I began looking for something else in the new city, I came up lead-less and completely stressed out and terrified that I would have to stay in the new job until something else came up.  When I mentioned to my old supervisor (when asked) that I was lied to by my new company.  She swooped in and offered me a different position in my old company my old city.  And blessed as I was feeling I took it in a heartbeat.  I was relieved and I actually like my new position a lot.  I do in many ways feel like I failed, but at the same time I realized how valuable my old job saw me.  That makes me feel a lot better about the whole situation.

Onto the next issue...between me quitting my old job and starting the new (old) one, trying to fill a void by mindlessly spending, and my lease on my apt ending and my old roommate moving in with her boyfriend...I've racked my debt back up!  I'm not proud of it.  But I will now be paying almost double for a one bedroom apartment and I need to (AGAIN) put a stop to using these cards NOW!!!

I do feel like I've learned a ton by starting my blog and reading many wonderfully inspirational blogs out there.  So I know I can knock this debt out quick!  So here we go...and please be kind I know its ridiculous that I could fall this hard this fast.

Bank card- 2,281.46

So here we go...
I'm getting out of DEBT AGAIN!

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