Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just ten.....

High Class, Low Income tagged me

1. i really want a garmin forerunner it will be my NEXT INVESTMENT
2. i LOVE My Car so much I can't wait to find a guy i love even equal to it ;)
3. My dream is to be a trying.
4. I tend to hang out with younger people...and then get frustrated at their priorities...hmm
5. I love UGLY BETTY its my fave show.
6. i love nescafe coffee better than most others even though its INSTANT
7. i'm a sucker for packaging...i love new anything...
8. i have a LG Dare its my favePHONE yet...although my high tech friends say its a wannabe iphone
9. i work at a desk all day
10. i want a pug :) like TINA'S

excuse my excessive LINK use...hehee

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