Friday, July 31, 2009

a set back ......or blessing in disguise

So my roommate and her boyfriend broke up so that means he will not be moving in and the 150$ that are supposed to be going to get rid of my amazon card are now going to my normal rent payment. My issue is will they get back together and if so will he just be sitting around my apt. not paying any rent as he has been since January? I'm frustrated but at the same time glad that I do not have to move. I like my apartment and the amenities and the staff and trusted maintenance people. I've been in this apartment for three years and had no reason to move out except the fact that I did not want to be living with them. So right now yea I'm annoyed but I'm sure some way someday it will make sense.

So lets see if I can get these 195$ done ASAP.

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