Thursday, May 7, 2009

Switching Gears

Okay so a few weeks ago I asked HSBC for a lower interest rate and guess what I got it they cut my APR in HALF!!!! So I'm leaving that cc alone (except for the minimum payments) and ATTACKING my next largest Mastercard which total is also the second smallest to flow with the SNOWBALLING Credit Card idea. (I tried getting a lower apr on all of the other cards but no dice:/)


Next Payment- Min. = 19$ - May 15th
Extra Pymnt- 75$ May 20th

This maybe all I can contribute this month I hit a snag last month and acquired 136$ of overdrafts :'( I know I GOT super discouraged and screamed and threw a very big fit and then I looked at how far I have come and how I can learn from this and I shook it off and used some savings to cover the snag.... a year ago I would have had to call my mom and have her bail me out but I happened to be able to bail myself out and that was a HUGE FEAT! (for me)


Simplelivin' said...

That's awesome they were able to lower the rate for you!!! Too bad no one else would :-(

Way to overcome the drawback on your own! It's nice to know you can cover problems on your own.
Keep doing what you're doing!!!

444 said...

HSBC is really nice about cutting rates when you ask them to! They only cut mine by 2%, but with my bad credit I'm shocked that they cut it at all. Congratulations on that move!

Esperanza said...

Thank you both for the encouragement :) I'm plowing through no matter what!