Monday, February 9, 2009

oops....its been awhile

Well I'm back after a little time gone not much new to tell just waiting on my tax refund to kill some credit card debt :-D

I am also going to jump on the band wagon and add my workouts on here to hold me accountable. I am going to try in get 20 workouts a month in. An hour or more each session a minimum of 3 miles on the elliptical/treadmill or run/walking outside as it gets nicer.

Back to my PF portion:
I got paid last week and it was all allocated as minimum payments due to the fact when I get my refund the following will be paid off

BB2- 200$
Younks- 330$
SA$- 266.45$ ALMOST DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then the rest will be going to my Spring Break trip to West Palm Beach in March =)
Definitely well deserved the only way I was to let myself go is if I paid of my SA$ which is well within my reach!


J. Money said...

Oooh SPRING BREAK!!! oh how i miss it... have fun :)

Simplelivin' said...

West Palm Beach!??!! I am seriously jealous! I spent 3 out of 4 of mine in Florida...have fun!!! All your hard work will pay off and you'll be able to enjoy it without worry about racking up your credit card :-)

Esperanza said...

Thanks Guys!!! I will be using all cash and that seriously excites me who knew?! ;)