Wednesday, January 7, 2009


With my bonus I made 1152.54$

Payments from this check include the following:

Credit Cards
BB1(SA$)- 130.00 (45.00- min. pymnt/85.00 sa$)
Younkers- 15.60
Amazon- 16.00
BB2- 44.00
Hsbc- 42.00
Overstock- 36.00
Cap1- 11.00

Other Bills
ING- 5.00
Membership- 23.00
Hair Appt.- 30.00
Insurance- 86.63
Student Loans- 100.00
Electricity- 36.00 (split)
Cable Boxes- 14.00 (w/pay per view movie also split)

These payments will be coming out the next few days!
I'm very excited that I am wittling away at this SA$ ACCOUNT =)


Brandi said...

Nice WORK!!

Doesn't it feel good when you know exactly where your money is going? :)

Esperanza said...

Brandi- It truly is relieving!
Thanks for the Encouragement =)